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Lassie rescues a missing woman

Now for some happy doggie news.  A collie named Lassie who has been trained to track missing persons found missing Felisa Lizada, 62.

She was sitting hunched over by a creek bed in a remote area off Los Osos Valley, when Lassie ran up to her. 

Felisa suffers from dementia and she had wandered about two miles from her home.

When you watch the video you see Felisa being treated by the paramedics and it’s hard not to shed a tear of sadness and happiness combined.  Sad that she got so lost and ended up there alone, and so happy that a (wo)man’s best friend found her.

I truly believe without Lassie, she may not have been found before it was too late.

Paws up to you, Lassie.

4 thoughts on “Lassie rescues a missing woman

  1. I know Elizabeth's family and they do NOT believe she ran away. She is a straight A student & active volunteer in AYSO soccer. Regardless, her family is very worried and of course wants her to return home safely. This story should be on the news. Amber Dubois was also labeled a “runaway” by the police.

    Please help get the word out!! We want her home safely.

  2. This went under the post about Lassie, but I am sure you are talking about Elizabeth Rodriguez.

    I agree, there needs to be a volunteer group put together and more attention brought to her. This is tragic.

  3. The entire community has rallied to try and distribute posters and get some media attention only to be faced with the sheriff's department being two steps behind telling everyone to take down the posters or website posts. It's crazy!! Stores have refused to post her picture

    They family hired a PI. And has found out some information that has been relayed to the authorities and it turned on a light bulb for them. Now they are suspecting foul play. Might be six weeks too late.

    I know this family well! She had no reason to run away. And what child calls their Dad to tell him she is “sorry for being late and I am three exits from home, be there in five minutes” and then runs?? Her c3ell phone is completely turned off and untraceable and she has not tried to access it.

    Please pray that Elizabeth comes home soon!

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