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Randy Amanda Lehrer: Remains found in 55-gallon drum

Update:  I heard that Amanda’s husband, Steven Acuna had been arrested yesterday and this morning it has been confirmed. 

Amanda disappeared in August.  Steven said they had a fight and she left and never returned, leaving behind their infant daughter. 

Friday police found her remains in a 55-gallon drum in the cellar of their apartment on Charles Street. 

The family said that the police identified her by the tattoo that she had.The police have found human remains in the basement of an apartment building where missing Randy “Amanda” Lehrer lived in Jersey City.

Amanda has been missing since August 17.  Her husband Steven Acuna said they had a fight and that she left and never returned.  The couple had a baby.

The 55-gallon drum was filled with cement and the remains were buried inside.

The police had searched the apartment but they never searched the basement until today.  Although there will need to be DNA to make a positive identification, the police believe that the remains belong to Amanda.

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