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Susan Cox Powell: Children in State custody and other thoughts on the case

The children of missing Susan Cox Powell, who has been missing since 2009, are now in the custody of the State of Utah.

The kids, ages 4 and 6 have been living with their dad, Josh Powell and their grandfather, Steven Powell in their grandfather’s home, soon after Susan went missing, but now that Steven has been arrested on child pornography and voyeurism charges, the state has removed them from the home.  Which I think is a bold move.

Subsequently, Steven has also been fired from his job at the Washington state’s Corrections Dept.

Even though the police say they have only reviewed about 10 percent of the videos that Steven took, the Judge set bail at $200,000 and ordered him to not have contact with his grandsons. 

Of course, the maternal grandparents will be asking for custody of the children.  Since they have been with Josh and Steven, they have rarely had a chance to see them. 

The finger pointing, regarding Susan’s disappearance, has always been pointing at Josh, but since Steven’s confessed infatuation with Susan a few weeks ago, and the arrest yesterday, the finger pointing has shifted his way.

While all this is going on, the West Valley City police are still searching for Susan in the Topaz Mountain area.

The twists and turns of this case are coming rapidly after many months of nothing. 
I believe more will come to light as time progresses. 

I am grateful to see the legal system come to the defense of Susan, starting with the permanent injunction keeping Josh and Steven from publishing Susan’s diary and the constant searching that the police have been doing, and will probably not stop doing, until she is found.

Although Denise Cox stated she believes that both Josh and Steven were involved in Susan’s disappearances, I am not so sure. 

Even though the police have named Josh a person of interests, why have they never named Steven one?

I am thinking that there is a possibility that John didn’t have anything to do with Susan’s disappearance.  Maybe Josh really did go camping with his kids, because his dad, Steven told him to.  And maybe Steven stayed behind, to take advantage of Josh’s absence, and went to see Susan, to act on what he believed to be mutual attraction.  How would have Steven reacted if Susan scorned him?  Would he have snapped?

Last year it seemed as though we would never find out what happened to Susan, but I believe it is only a matter of weeks before we will finally know the whole story.

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