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Charles and William Vosseler: Brothers missing since 1986

Are there two men in the world that may not even know they were part of a parental abduction and their mother is still looking for them?

Ruth Parker last saw her two son’s Charles and William on Oct. 9, 1986.  Charles Martin Vosseler, who she was separated from at the time, told her he would take the kids for the weekend to visit family.  When they weren’t dropped off at her apartment on Monday as planned, Ruth went to Vosseler’s realty business on Liberty Street, and found the company had been shut down and Vosseler had told all of his employees they no longer had jobs.

Ruth drove to the house in Exeter, New Hampshire where she used to live with Charles and found the home had been cleared out and empty, and the children were gone.

This story is almost identical to my mom’s story.  My mother, also named Ruth, came home and found the house cleared out and her twin son’s, Jon and Jim who were 3 at the time, and her daughter, Cheryl who was 4, and her husband gone. Because of the selfishness of a man who felt his parenting was superior, even though they were reunited 10 years later, they never bonded.  Deep down under all that fluff and brave-faced pretending, they damned her for letting them being taken away, and she damned them for growing up without her.   

The FBI is still searching for Charles and is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to his location.

The FBI has provided age progression photos, but also state that Charles has an eye condition that causes him to turn his head to the right side.

Charles could be anywhere in the U.S. He is 69 years old now and is known by several different alias:  Charles Foster, Charlie Wilson, Charles M. Vosseler, Charles Wilson, Charles Malcolm Amidon, and Charles M. Vosseler, J.

Ruth posted on her Facebook page, Ruth’s Boys, “We received new photos from an anonymous source, please look at the photos and if you knew this man or know his whereabouts, please contact the FBI or send us a message. Please share and let’s find this child abductor and let CJ and Billy know their Mother has never stopped looking.”

You can leave tips here or contact the FBI at 603-431-4585.
Take a few minutes and look at the photos and see if you might have known these boys as children growing up, or if they look like someone you would know now, disregarding the name you may have know them as.  There names may be different than what is stated here.  These boys deserve to know they have a mother out there looking for them.
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