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Rebecca Coriam: Parents want law changed on cruise ships

It has been 6 months since Rebecca Coriam disappeared from the Disney cruise ship, Disney Wonder. 

The cruise ship had left Los Angeles for a week-long cruise to the Mexican Rivera and had only been gone 24 hours when Rebecca disappeared.  Rebecca was on the cruise ship working as a cruise counselor.

Her parents Mike and Ann Coriam were told by the ship’s captain that he thought a wave had taken her over the railing of the ship, but her parents believe that the railing was too big for that to happen.

Now, Mike and Ann are speaking to The Guardian and letting the public know they want the law changed so that UK authorities can investigate cases involving UK citizens.  Because the ship is registered in the Bahamas, the Bahama police investigated the case.  The Coriam’s want their own government to investigate and to follow what the US is doing to protect its citizens on cruise ships.

Mike and Ann also would like to see more cameras put on cruise ships.  Something I think is a good idea.  There is only a small number of people that go missing at sea, at 165 since 1995.  That averages out to be about 12 a year, with 2011 showing 12 this year, so far.  But the small numbers should not be an issue.  Having more CCTV cameras on ships, not only would explain what happened to a person that suddenly disappears in the middle of the ocean, but may also prevent a suicide.

The couple have organized an online petition and hope to reach 100,000 signatures.

Note:  In May, two months after Rebecca disappeared, her credit card was used, (read here) raising Mike and Ann’s hope that she may be alive.  But, nothing else has come from it.  The credit card was NOT with her personal belongings that were given back to the parents. I personally believe that is was stolen by another crew member after she was reported missing and was used where the individual thought it might not be reported as used. 

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