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Josh Powell loses custody of kids

Susan Powell

Josh Powell, the husband of missing Susan Cox Powell has temporarily lost custody of his kids.

Josh went to a hearing today and told the Judge that he would move out of his dad’s house if he returned.  (His dad is in jail on porn and voyeurism charges)  He also told the Judge that giving the kids to his wife’s parents would cause “irreparable harm” to them.

The prosecuting attorney countered by telling the court that Josh was being investigated for the same charges as his father.

The Judge decided to give temporary custody to Susan’s parents.

Chuck and Judy Cox, Susan’s parents, have not been able to see their grandkids for a long time and petitioned the court for custody as soon as Steven was arrested.

CPS originally took the kids out of the home when Steven was arrested, until they could  make sure they were living in a safe environment.

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