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Kelly Armstrong: Missing from Indiana

Kelly Armstrong (Photo Shelly Rush)

UPDATE:   A plea deal has been filed.
The agreement says Funke would plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter and receive a 50-year sentence, with 35 years in prison and 15 years suspended, to be served on probation after his release, 24-Hour News 8’s news partner The Kokomo Tribune reports.
There is no set date for the plea.

 UDPATE:  Kelly Armstrong:  Boyfriend admits to beating her to death.

Travis Funke, 34 of Kokomo was charged on Tuesday for voluntary manslaughter in the death of Kelly Armstrong who has been missing since September.

Funke admitted to police to killing her.  He said that Kelly threatened him with a hammer and he took it from her and beat her to death.  He then took a nap and when he woke up he found her dead on the floor.  He then threw her body in a trash bin and then tried to clean up the blood with bleach.

After police talked with Funke, he cut off his home detention monitor and tried to commit suicide.  While he was in jail for that act, he told a cellmate that he had killed Armstrong, and he was concerned about the evidence still left in the the home.

When police searched the home they found flood on a hammer and blood stains on the carpet, walls and furniture according to the affidavit.  DNA confirmed that the blood belonged to Kelly.

Police went through 6,000 tons of trash but never found Kelly’s remains. 

Kelly Armstrong, 27, from Kokomo, was last seen about six weeks ago and her sister says she is not getting a definite answer to her whereabouts from her sister’s boyfriend.

Shelly Rush, Kelly’s sister, told the Huffington Post that her sister lived with Travis Funke with their 18-month-old child, and when she asked to talk or see her sister there is always an excuse why she is not available.

Shelly went to her sister’s favorite places and talked to her friends and came to the conclusion that no one has seen her for about 6 weeks. 

Shelly went to the Kokomo Police Department who did a welfare check on Kelly and when they were not able to find her, she filed a missing persons report.

Kelly is 5’2″ tall and 120 pounds.  If you have any information, please call the Kokomo police at 765-459-5101.

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