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Cathleen Smythe-Bush: Missing woman left blood trail Found

UPDATE:  Obituary for Cathleen – Sept 26, 2011

Previous story:  Kern County Sheriff’s Deputies are following a blood trail today that they believe may belong to a missing Bakersfield woman.

Although the identify of the woman has not been verified the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue believe it is Cathleen Smythe-Bush, 49.

The Kern County sheriff’s deputies said that a construction worker saw a woman parked off to the side of Call Box 3 along Highway 178, standing next to a car with blood on her.   The man stopped to help her but the woman got in the car and drove away.  Then the man saw the car again and pulled over and saw blood on the car and on some brush that led to Kern River, but no woman.

The man stopped the sheriff deputy in the area and showed him the trail, but did find an area that may have been where she went into the river.

During the investigation another man, who was later identified as Dean Bush, stopped when he saw his wife’s car.  The police followed the man back to his home and found more blood inside the home.  The police said there was no sign of forced entry or that anyone else was involved. 

Lt. Shaun Beasley said they found a large kitchen knife in the home, but don’t know if the Cathleen’s injuries were self-inflicted or accidental, but there was indication that there was only one person there when the incident happened. 

If you have any information please call the Sheriff’s Office at 661-861-3110. 

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