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Missing baby: Hoax or real?

The town of Newton, Maine is searching for a baby that may or may NOT be missing.

A man found a note inside a box in an empty recycling bin on Otis Street in Newton, that said that a 4-month old baby girl was being abandoned, but there was no baby. The police have surmised that the handwritten note may have come from a teenage mother named Bimini, who wrote whoever found the box to take care of her 4-month-old daughter, Sonny.

“Any incident like this is treated as legitimate.  A child’s life could be in the balance, and all resources from both police departments will continue to work on this until we get a resolution one way or another,” said David Procopio of Massachusetts state police dept.

The police have also searched the recycling facility in Avon where the recoiling from the bin on Otis Street would have gone, but have found nothing.

The police is asking for the publics help, and asking for tips in the case.  If you know anything about a missing 4-month old baby or a teenage girl named “Bimini” or an infant girl named “Sonny,”

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