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Jacque Sue Waller: Clay Waller pleads guilty

Clay Waller, 41, the husband of missing Missouri woman, Jacque Sue Waller, plead guilty to threatening his wife’s sister over the internet, on Monday. 

Waller posted a comment on the Topix website to Cheryl Brennecke, Jacque’s sister that said, “You are dead…I will get you 5, 10, 25, years from now.  You have it coming,  according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Larry Ferrell.

Waller was at a Cape Girardeau pawn shop and had asked the store manager if he could use the computer.  After Waller left, the manager looked at the computer’s history and saw that Waller accessed the Topix site.

According to the Southeast Missourian, when Waller was asked if he understood the Internet threatening charges against him, his said,
“I understand.  I sent the email. I did it,” said Waller.

Waller could face up to five years in prison.  He will be sentenced on December 19.

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