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Patrick Borally: New information on why Patrick went missing

I really didn’t expect to hear anymore about what caused Patrick Borally, the missing man from Lyndhurst, Ohio to suddenly disappear and end up in Canada.  But, later this evening, the  police and Patrick’s wife, Kathy have come out with new information about what happened to Patrick.

Patrick was found in Canada earlier today but what was left out was that he was found inside his vehicle with a hose going from the exhaust into the van, along with a suicide note.  Luckily, the police found him in the nick of time and took him to the hospital.

But, that is not the end of the story.  It was there that they discovered that Patrick was suffering with a brain disorder that comes from meningitis that he had as a child.

I am glad that this information has come out, as I believe that it may bring hope and understanding to other people that have family members that have gone missing under mysterious circumstances.

And hopefully, it will help authorities to understand that mental illness can be a factor in someone’s disappearance, and not to be so quick to write them off as a runaway, when there is no obvious foul play involved.

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  1. Terrible circumstances but a blessing to know! Praise God he is getting help!

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