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Aliayah Lunsford: 911 call released

The 911 call made by Lena Lunsford, the mother of missing 3-year-old Aliayah Lunsford from Weston West Virginia, to report her daughter missing has been released.  You can listen to the call by clicking on the video on the left.

You can hear Lena breathing hard and crying while she tells the dispatcher that her daughter was sick with the flu.

When she was asked if the doors were locked she said “yes, I think.”

She also says she had been going up and down all the streets in the area and she doesn’t think that her mother has her, because she would have woke her up and told her.

The dispatcher tells her to call her mother and then call her back.  You hear Lena calling back and telling the dispatcher that her mother did not have her.

The dispatcher asks Lena is she looked all through the house and the closets and the basement and if she also checked the car outside, which Lena says she did.

Through out the call you can hear the voice of a very distressed mother.

The latest report from Defense Attorney Tom Dyer is that he received a viable tip that Aliayah is still alive. 

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