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Valerie Calderon Casillas: Missing San Jose woman FOUND

UPDATE:  Police state that ballistics tests of a semi-automatic handgun Valente Galindo pointed at Officer Lee Tassio match the gun that killed Valerie Calderon Casillas.

Update:  The remains of Valerie Calderon Casillas has been found.  Read more here.

Valerie Calderon Casillas, 28, was last seen at the corner of Waverly Street and Orlando Drive in San Jose.  Her cousin Rita Calderon said that Valerie left to meet her estranged husband, Valence Galindo.

He had called her on the phone and told her to come outside and talk to him.  She left the home that she had been staying out leaving behind her cell phone, purse and keys.

Valerie’s husband said they got into a fight and that Valerie got into a blue SUV that was driving by.

“She never goes out.  She’s always at home with her kids, and she’s a good mom.  She would never do this,” said Rita.

The family does not believe the story and as time goes by the more desperate they feel.  According to KTVU news they have walking the neighborhood posting flyers.

Valerie is 5’3″ tall and weighs 140 pounds.  She has tattoos of a clown face on the right shoulder and the other is the name Marcus on the back offer neck.

If you know the whereabouts of Valerie, please call 408-277-5250.

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