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Day: October 6, 2011

Lisa Irwin: Cell phones missing

Deborah Bradley, the mother of missing 10-month-old Lisa Irwin says she had left three cell phones cellphone on the kitchen counter the night before and they were gone in the morning when they tried to call 911 after realizing that Lisa was missing. “They took her and took all of our phones so we couldn’t […]

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Valerie Calderon Casillas: Body found

The body of missing Valerie Calderon Casillas has been found. Valerie has been missing since her estranged husband, Marcus Calderon said that she got into a blue SUV near the intersection of Waverly Avenue and Orlando Drive around 3:00 a.m., after they got into an argument. Valerie was found Wednesday afternoon at Sierra Road and […]

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Kevin Eve: Indiana man lost in cave found

UPDATE:   The police announced today they believe they have found the body of Kevin Eve, the Georgetown caver that has been missing since October 1. The body was found last Sunday afternoon by cavers who crawled through an underground passage in the Wyandotte area of the Harrison Crawford State forest. Authorities offered to speculation […]

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Lisa Irwin: Neighbor saw stranger walking with a baby

Put Lisa Irwin in the search box above to read all the stories. A neighbor has told the police they saw a stranger walking with a baby wearing only a diaper down the street around 1:00 a.m., the day that 10-month old Lisa Irwin was reported missing from her home in Kansas City, Missouri. This […]

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