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Lisa Irwin: Cell phones missing

Deborah Bradley, the mother of missing 10-month-old Lisa Irwin says she had left three cell phones cellphone on the kitchen counter the night before and they were gone in the morning when they tried to call 911 after realizing that Lisa was missing.

“They took her and took all of our phones so we couldn’t call anybody,” said Jeremy Irwin, Lisa’s father, according to KMBC.

Jeremy talked to “Good Morning America” this morning and told them,  “The windows were open and lights were on and she was nowhere to be found.”  He also said that the front door was unlocked.

Interestingly, the grandparents of Lisa have said that they have not heard from Lisa’s parents since they went in for questioning.  Lisa’s two brothers, 8 and 10, are staying with a close neighbor and the neighbor has not heard from their parents either, according to NBC ActionNews.

Okay, so I have been thinking about the latest developments, and am hoping for some explanation.  Why would you have 3 cell phones?  (Just found out one was not working)   Why would a “kidnapper” take  the time to take the phones, it wouldn’t delay the parents from calling 911 that much, cuz all they would need to do is use their land line or go to a neighbors?  (Later it was found that the phones were pinged and found to be traveling in the neighborhood and one was actually used to make a call.)  It seems that the phones were not taken to stop the parents from calling the police, but so the person could make a call and even possible sell the phones for money.

4 thoughts on “Lisa Irwin: Cell phones missing

  1. I'd like to know why the Amber Alert has been canceled even though she has not been found and the FBI are still searching.

  2. The police said that there was enough awareness that Lisa was missing. “Although the investigation and search for Lisa Irwin continue, an active Amber Alert is no longer necessary in this case,” police said.

  3. It kind of seems that someone knew the layout of the house; to know where the child slept, etc. Perhaps the person who took this child knew the family and perhaps their habits. The commenter on the previous update who dreamt the child is near the parent's home is not that far off base.

    What a nightmarish thing to have happened all the way around. I hope the child is found safe and well and very soon.

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