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Lisa Irwin: Deborah Bradley on Good Morning America

Update:  When I thought the investigation was over late last night after the Capt. saying they had done all they could, I have just heard that the police are searching a landfill for baby Lisa.

Last night I also heard a unidentified reporter say during  a press conference about how it seemed as though Lisa’s parents had switched from cooperating with the police and ignoring the media to cooperating with the media and ignoring the police.  This has proven to be true, as Lisa’s parents have made a deal with a national network and will not be talking to local news.  The local news will now have to depend on the police and second-hand information from national news.  Which is a shame, as no one knows a town better than the local news team, and they have been the ones that got the story out before it became national news.


Last night we were left with a statement from Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, the parents of missing 10-month-old Lisa Irwin denying they were not cooperating with the police, after responding to a statement by the police they were no longer cooperating.

This morning, Deborah Bradley, told “Good Morning America” that she was accused of having something to do with Lisa’s disappearance and was told she failed a polygraph test.

“From the start when they’ve questioned me, once I couldn’t fill in gaps, it turned into “You did it, you did it,” Deborah Bradley told “Good Morning America.”

Jeremy Irwin said that he needed to take a break after hours of questioning and then heard the police said they were no longer cooperating. “I told them I had to have a break. No more questions today. I asked to be let go, and they let me go from the police station,” said Jeremy.

I do sense a different vibe coming from the police than what it was several days ago.  Steve Young, the Police Capt. seemed almost irritated with the parents, now.  And when he heard that the family is denying the police claims that they were not cooperating, he responding in a “what-ever” way, and added he is still waiting for them to come in and start talking again.

I started thinking about the three cell phones, again.  The phones are gone, but you can still use the cell phone numbers and get subscriber information from the phone carrier.  It can take several weeks, but in cases like this, the phone carrier (if it is a large one) will be a bit more accommodating and get it to the police faster.  So, let’s assume the police already have the phone records.  Did they see something on there that changed their minds about Deborah Bradley?  Disregarding that Deborah allegedly failed a poly, even the parents of Brianna Rodriguez did that and they had nothing to do with her disappearance, there is some reason the police don’t seem to be as cordial as they were with Deborah and Jeremy.

4 thoughts on “Lisa Irwin: Deborah Bradley on Good Morning America

  1. Does anyone else find it odd that the lights were suposedly all on when the dad came home..and that he thought it odd. Why would a kidnapper turn lights on..unless he/she thought no one was home..but if there is a baby home, then there are other people home.

  2. I had a dream that baby Lisa is just a few houses away in a basement. I dont want to call the tip line since it was a dream. In the dream I could see blue doors, it was an outside basement three houses away on the left hand side of baby Lisas house. This dream has been on my mind all day so hopefully it will stop. My prayers are with baby Lisa and her family, I cannot imagine how painful this must be. I'm praying that baby Lisa is returned to her parents un harmed.

  3. Kelly, yes, it does seem odd and I have heard others questions that, too. Also Anonymous, many are upset about missing Lisa. Sometimes we know things and don't know how we know them. If it keeps coming up you may decide to call in the tip to the police. Believe me they have heard it all and psychics call tips in all the time and the police DO consider the information they receive.

  4. I have a question that just keeps coming up in my mind… IF the intruder entered in through what the parents now say was another room window and took a the baby… when you pick up a 10 month old baby that baby is GOING to cry .. no way … no how ..would that baby NOT cry… inless of course you used some sort of drug which anyways you would startle the baby and she would have cried for a little while .. but progressing

    baby is crying … you walk all the way into the kitchen straight to the counter and took 3 cell phones … how did you know they were on the counter .. while turning on the lights and walking out the front door??? Im just not understanding how that is possible without SOMEONE in that house hearing!!

    Ok so past that issue on to the next … 3 cell phones… so dad was away from home working late and left his cell phone at home? weird i take my cell phone everywhere i go… ok moving past that …

    Did anyone else see the ADT sign in the front yard… humm anyways im not sure what happened to her but i hope she is safe and sound soon!!!

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