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Lisa Irwin: Abduction or Accident

One of the most interesting things I have seen so far is the room that missing baby Lisa slept in. A room that a mother had kept very clean, with her daughters little outfits neatly hung in the closet. A room that now has a window with black plastic bags over it.

I am little confused about the whole cooperating, not cooperating situation that played out between the parents and the police.  Capt. Young looked a little irritated and pouty when the told the press yesterday that the family was no longer talking to them, but could you blame them?

Here is a couple, who are going through any parents worse nightmare, and are being drilled by the police over and over again that they had done something to their own baby.

From the parents point of view, the police started off  backing them and searching for their baby and now they are blaming them for their missing daughter.   And no matter how many times they told the police that had nothing to do with her disappearance, the police won’t believe them. I think most anyone would want to get away from a situation like that. Wouldn’t you be worn out, tired, and confused at why the police had turned on you and were no longer supporting you. Wouldn’t you feel betrayed and want to get away from the police?

If this was a ploy by the police to get them to “confess” I believe it was a mistake. Drilling someone into a confession can be done to anyone. You can make anyone confess to something they have not done if you keep at them long enough.  Just ask Michael Crow.  So, why would the police decide to do that?

Is it because the police know something?  Did Deborah really fail the lie detector test and that fueled the police to try and get a confession out of her or were they going exclusively on abduction statistics?  (1500 parents accidentally or intentionally kill their children every year, and over the last 30 years there has only been 13 stranger abductions entering the home)  Would the police department be that unprofessional to try that kind of tactic if they had nothing to back it up?

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  1. With all she respect you do not have the facts of this case straight. If you did you would understand why the police are focusing on the parents and not a stranger abduction. The police are focused on the parents because they lied. Because the cell phones, one of which was used at 2:30 am to text Deborah's brother, are pinging on the couples property. Because their statements have been inconsistent. Because they decided doing media interviews was not nearly as tiring as speaking to police. As a mother of 3 I am willing to be questioned for as long as it takes if my child is missing. I am not going to stop talking to law enforcement because I am tired and then turn around and do the talk shows the same night. There is something very hinky with Lisa's disappearance.

  2. well said beccaboo!! only thing I'd add, is if you weren't in the interrogation room OR present for how the LEOs treated the parents, don't say they were “unprofessional”. what a lopsided and poorly communicated story, the LEOs want this baby home same as this site does. “if you didn't hear it with your own ears or see it with your own eyes, don't invent it with your small mind and share it with your big mouth.”

  3. This is a compare and contrast post.

    The unprofessional statement was posed as a question not as a statement.

    Why would the police be unprofessional enough to try a confession tactic if they had nothing to back it up?

    Answer, they wouldn't. Get it, now.

  4. Well said, Mpofa! All sides of this story need to be presented to get an accurate picture.

  5. can you point me to where you found that statistic of “(1500 parents accidentally or intentionally kill their children every year, and over the last 30 years there has only been 13 stranger abductions)”?


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