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Lisa Irwin: Police try getting into Lisa’s window

The video shows the police department trying to get into Baby Lisa Irwin’s window on Sunday.  They were trying to see if someone could get into the window.

The first police officer uses a satellite dish as a boost to get inside.  He goes through the house and comes back around again and tries it without a boost and he finds it difficult, but he can do it.  The third time he tries again, this time with another police officer giving him a boost into the window.

In the video posted yesterday you can see the inside of Lisa’s room and the black plastic covering the window.

On the left you can see a yellow “rag” hanging from the white bird house, which I believe is left over police tape that may have been put up there previously.

You can see that once someone got it, it would be impossible to come out the same way with a baby in their arms, unless they passed the baby to a third party waiting outside.

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