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Marie Hanson: Remains found near Rainbow gathering

Update:  Family has confirmed that the remains found were Marie Hanson.

Funeral Services will be held October 15th at Sierra Community Church, Sierra Blvd. in South Lake Tahoe at noon.  

The police have found skeletal remains and jewelry, Sunday afternoon and there is speculation it could be Marie Hanson.

Marie Hanson, 54, went missing during a Rainbow Family gathering at Skookum Meadows in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest on July 8. 

The remains were located near where Marie camped, and there are no other missing persons reported in that area.

Serena Krueger remembers Marie on Facebook by posting this message about Marie, “When I was a ‘homeless’ senior in high school my best friend’s mom Marie Hanson took me in and treated me like her child, she helped me get through the rest of high school and pushed me to succeed even when it seemed the rest of the world had given up on me. Learning the most recent news about her missing I know I will never have the chance to tell her once again how much of an impact she made on my life. She was the best 2nd mom I could ever ask for! Forever love.”

3 thoughts on “Marie Hanson: Remains found near Rainbow gathering

  1. Yes, they did and then they went back recently to look again and this time they found her. Sometimes dogs will miss when the human scent drops, depending on the rate of decomposition, and a dog will alert as if it is an animal, or a handler will misread a dog alert, or they could have just plain missed her.

  2. She could have been found almost immediately IF the system proposed in the petition seen at were in place.

    When Americans wake up and realize we have the technology to solve these crimes and drastically reduce them from happening in the future

    Then We can move forward, until them MORE WILL DIE.

    Please Click on my ID to be taken to our web site – educate yourself then Share the info

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