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Lisa Irwin: Little information about the family comes out

The grand jury has sent subpoena’s to KCTV5 for all of their footage regarding the case of the missing 10-month-old Lisa Irwin.

KCTV is probably not the only TV station that will be subpoenaed as the police look for inconsistencies in the parents stories.

Little bits of information have come out about the family.  Deborah Nertz married  Sean Michael Bradley and they had a son.  They separated several years ago.

Jeremy Irwin married Raim Rasleen, and they lived in the house at 3620 N. Lister Avenue. They separated and Jeremy got custody of their son, Blake.

Deborah and Jeremy met and Lisa was born and they are all living in the house on N. Lister.  Jeremy works for All Current Electric in Kansas City and Deborah is a stay at home mom.

Early this morning the family spokesman said that Deborah was preparing to be arrested, and the police responded by saying that there was no arrest “imminent”.

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