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Lisa Irwin: Mom on surveillance footage at store and police search well

I received lots of email from all over and many are saying they feel as though they believe Lisa is close.  One message said they kept dreaming about a blue basement door very near Lisa Irwin’s home.

Today the police began searching the  backyard deck of an abandoned  home that is five blocks away on the 3800 block of North Brighton Avenue.  They had received a tip that there was a well on the property.

A firefighter that has been lowered down into the opening of the well and he said he felt something.  Another firefighter was lowered down about an hour later.

Large trucks sucked out drain water from the cistern (which is a container for holding water) and the Kansas City Power and Light truck showed up.

An Aunt of baby Lisa (Jeremy’s sister) stated this morning that Deborah Bradley, Lisa’s mother was preparing for an arrest because they were spending more time focusing on the family than finding suspects.  Although she told the Kansas City Star her words were taken out of context.

The police responded by saying they had no suspects and are continuing the investigation.

The police are reviewing a video surveillance footage from Festival Foods on I-35 about 5:00 p.m, that shows Deborah buying items with an unknown man, age about 20,  about 5 hours before Lisa was put to bed.  They bought a box of wine.  No mention if Lisa or the rest of the children were with them at the time.

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  1. Thanks for the update. This is a strange story that makes you wonder about the mom. What else is even believable other than the mom knows something?

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