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Katherine “Baby Kate” Phillips: Father rejects plea deal – SENTENCED!!!

UPDATE 10/15/16 -Sean Phillips was convicted of second-degree murder on Friday.  The Judge stated there was not enough evidence to charge Phillips with first-degree murder.  He faces up to life in prison for the killing of his daughter, Katherine Phillips known as Baby Kate.  Phillips admitted to Kate’s mom, Ariel Cortland that he yanked Kate out of a car seat and she went flying out of his car in a letter he wrote her.
UPDATE 3/9/16 – The Michigan Supreme Court has upheld the “Baby Kate” murder case ruling that the case can proceed to trial.  The case has been dragging a long over the years between plea dealings and appeals.

Sean Phillips, 21, the father of missing Katherine Phillips has rejected the deal.

Phillips will be going to trial on charges of unlawful imprisonment and parental kidnapping of his daughter Katherine.

Because Sean is the father of Katherine, the prosecuting attorney may have difficulty making the charges of parental kidnapping to stick, and this may be why Sean rejected the plea deal that came with a 15year jail term.

Katherine was 4 ½ months old when she disappeared on June 29, 2011.  Katherine lived with her mother, Ariel Courtland in Ludington, Michigan and she went missing after Phillips drove off with her when Ariel went into the house to get a stroller.

Sean will not tell anyone what happened to Katherine and she has not been found after extensive searches.

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