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Lisa Irwin: Celebrity PI Wild Bill Stanton joins search

Wild Bill Stanton – NBC

You probably have already heard that Bill Stanton, a former New York policeman, private investigatorand an ABC News and NBC News security consultant has offered to help search for missing baby Lisa Irwin.

You all know that I applaud PI’s and think they are essential for missing person cases, but, time will tell if Wild Bill will be of any help in this case or not.

Wild Bill said yesterday that he has not been hired by Baby Lisa’s parents and he was asked to help out but, was he really?  How do we know that he just didn’t ask himself to help out and this is not just a publicity stunt?

First, Bill needs a PI license in Missouri in order to act as a private investigator.  So, if he is going to be helping out, he will have to do it as a citizen.

According to the Missouri State Board of Private Investigators, as of 2010, individuals must have a state license to be a private investigator in Missouri.

You can’t have a PI license in NYC, get on a plane and fly to Missouri and begin investigating.  Each state has their own licensing requirements.  You must submit to a background check, pass an exam, and carry liability insurance in the state that you want to perform the investigation.

So, unless somewhere along the line, Bill, got a PI license in Missouri, he will only be able to help out as a private citizen, he won’t be privy to any police information, not that they would have to share it with him even if he was a PI in Missouri, anyway.

I was wondering about Bill’s bio and found this piece that Craig Horowitz did for the New York Magazine Services in 2001, called “The Not So Private Eye”  about Bill Stanton.


In it he said, “…today’s hungry detective-entrepreneur isn’t a laconic loner sitting around drinking gin, smoking cigarettes, and waiting for the sultry blonde to walk into his life (like Lauren Bacall in The Big Sleep). He’s out promoting himself, putting on his show: successful, flamboyant, outrageous, wild Bill Stanton, P.I. The tough, smart, twenty-first-century private detective.”

In the article, Craig asked PI Bo Dietl, a celebrity in his own right who worked with Stanton about him.  “I really like Billy and I gotta give him a lot of credit for coming as far as he has. Believe me, nobody’s as surprised as I am. ‘Cause to tell you the truth, as a detective, he still couldn’t find a black person in Harlem.”

Mike Ciravolo, who runs Bo Dietl’s operation said about Stanton, “I sent him out on a routine surveillance six years ago, and I’m still waiting for him to come back. Billy’s got a black belt in bullshit. He could charm the balls off a brass monkey.”

Just yesterday, Capt. Steve Young of the Kansas City police had something to say about Stanton, himself, and said that the department will check on what they will need to enforce as far as Stanton not being licensed to work in Missouri.

So, regardless of how Wild Bill’s investigating abilities are thought of by Dietl and Ciravolo, I have no doubt that Bill wants to help, but I don’t know how effective he will be.

“I’m here to seek the truth. And wherever the truth leads, that’s where I’m going to go,” said Stanton yesterday when he arrived in Kansas City.

We are all behind you on that, Bill.  Will Bill become the Pied Piper of KC and lead citizens in a city-wide search for Lisa or will he fade away into the night after his 15 minutes of fame?

You don’t do it to be a hero,’ says Wild Bill. You do it because ‘it’s the right thing to do.” We all agree with you on that, Bill.

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