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Kevin Eve: Lost in Cave FOUND

Update:  Kevin’s remains have been found.  Click here to read more.

This comment was put on Kevin Eve’s post and you can see how spelunkers come together to help each other.  I want to help them get the word out to everyone that can possible help search for him. Please RT, Share, etc. to anyone you know that can help.

Kevin is believed to be lost in the caves in the Harrison-Crawford State Forest near Leavenworth.

Here is the message:

“They are in desperate need of more cavers that know the area. There are only a few out there searching, and there are so many caves in the area that even the Department of Natural Resources don’t know about.  If you or anyone you know are cavers, and can assist in the search even if only for a short time, please call the Indiana Conservation Officers at: 812-837-9536. Here is a link to a map with a couple of places to meet up with other volunteers.

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