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Christiana Fesmire: Man charged in connection with her murder

UPDATE:  11/7/12 Opening arguments were heard in Androscoggin Superior Court this morning in the murder trial of Buddy Robinson, accused of killing 22 year old Christiana Fesmire and dumping her body in the woods in July of 2011.

Buddy Robinson, 30, has been arrested in connection with the murder of Christiana Melusine Fesmire of Lewiston.

Police had gathered evidence at the Lewiston apartment where Christiana lived back in September and after it was analyzed at the lab, they concluded that Christiana was probably killed inside the apartment and her body transported somewhere else.

“Police searched the apartment house in September and evidence from the building was analyzed at the State Police crime lab, which led investigators to conclude Fesmire was killed inside the building,” said Stephen McCausland of the Maine Dept. of Public Safety

Robinson used to live in the same apartment complex as Christiana did.  He had moved to 688 Sabattus Street and was living with his girlfriend in New Gloucester when he was arrested.

Christiana’s body has not been found.

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