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Paticia Guardado: Missing Arkansas student

Update: Patricia Guardado, who has been missing since last week, was found dead in a pond in Little Rock.

Patricia Guardado, 20, was last seen leaving her home to go to class at the University of Arkansas, in Little Rock on Wednesday.

Although Patricia’s car was found at the parking lot that all the students use behind the Burger King, Patricia was not there, and she never showed up for her classes.

The police have been talking to students at the university for clues. They also are looking at security camera footage. Patricia’s cell phone is not working, and she has not returned text messages from her friends since Wednesday.

Patricia Guardado is 5’2″ tall, 120 pounds with black hair ad brown eyes. Patricia’s green back pack and silver purse are missing.

Note:  If you are located near the area, please check your trash cans and look in dumpsters and keep your eyes out for her belongings. If you happen to come across either her purse or back pack, notify the police. If you have any information as to her whereabouts, please call the Little Rock Police Dept. at 501-371-4660.
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