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Missing Pets of America

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After much work this morning, I have begun something that has been nagging me for awhile. Starting a website for missing pets in America.

It will be just like the missing persons site, but all about pets, dogs, cats, monkeys, ferrets, parrots, etc., all the beautiful animals that share our lives.

I have see missing pet stories along with missing persons stories, regularly, and I just didn’t have time, and after a story that I saw about a poor English bulldog that is being held for ransom, I knew I had to get the word out. So, please bear with us, as we iron out a bump or two on the new site.

I hope that all the Missing Persons of America readers will consider signing up and “follow by email” on the Missing Pets of America site.

BTW, as you can see, we have a mascot (seen here and on the left of the Missing Pets of America site, wearing his red, white and blue) and we are looking for a name to call him.   Maybe something with an American flair to it. Send us your suggestions by email 🙂

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