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Lisa Irwin: Joseph Tacopina supports parents

Joseph Tacopina (website)

Joseph Tacopina is a hot-shot New York based, $750.00 an hour attorney, and he has come to Kansas City, Missouri to “investigate” the disappearance of baby Lisa Irwin and to talk with her parents.

Although a little stuttery in the beginning during his press conference in Kansas City this afternoon, it didn’t take away from his impressive presence.

Tacopina comes across as a competent attorney that is bringing a sense of calm to the case.

As you watch the video, you can see Wild Bill Stanton (celebrity PI)  saying he is leaving.  Joseph Tacopina in the background in deep thought at first, as though he is preparing what he is going to say, and then later waiting patiently for Wild Bill to leave the podium so he could take his turn.

I can’t help but think that either Tacopina told Bill, in so many words, and maybe even making him think it was his idea, that it was in the parents’ best interest if he left.  Or maybe Bill felt he was out of his league and it was time for him to go home.  Wild Bill does not bring the sense of calm that Tacopina brings, and I don’t see where he is helping the case at all.  In a way, it is a relief to see him on his way, as it was obvious he had his own agenda and was not very effective.

Tacopina will be effective.  For those on the parent’s side and who don’t believe the parent’s have anything to do with Lisa’s disappearance, may find the defense you were looking for, as Tacopina’s begins to explain Deborah’s action.

For those of you who are on the fence, you may even find yourself swayed to the parent’s side, as Tacopina will be able to skillfully explain away any of your doubts.

And for those who feel the parents are responsible for Lisa’s disappearance, you may find yourself getting extremely angry.  Everything will  have to go through Tacopina first, and everything will be answered by Tacopina.  I believe this may be the last we hear from either Deborah or Jeremy.

Will Tacopina help bring Lisa home?  No, he will only make sure the police follow protocol and if there was any thought by the Kansas City police to arrest either one of Lisa’s parents, it will never happen now.

In fact, this whole investigation may get so turned around that the Kansas City police will be the one’s trying to defend their actions, as Tacopina brings out where they made mistakes in the investigation.

By the way, is Tacopina being paid by a private investor type that Wild Bill claimed to be supporting him?  I don’t think so,  I think we will find that Tacopina, was watching all of this going on and felt the parents were being bullied by the police, and felt the need to make a stand for them, and was willing to do it on his own dime.

What do you think?

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  1. Ted Bundy had the same calming effect on people; never forget he worked on a suicide hotline, or that he was handsome and charming. That didn't make him any less a monster or trustworthy. It made him smart, cunning, and a great serial killer.

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