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Janyiha Whiteman: Missing baby from Virginia possible found

Update:  A body of a baby has been found in a parking garage.  Authorities found Lawrence walking down Atlantic Avenue this morning and they arrested him.

Police then searched the parking garage of the County Inn and Suites on Atlantic Avenue.  They discovered a child’s body on the fifth floor, according to PilotOnline.  An autopsy will be performed to identify the body and cause of death.

Original story below:

Janyiha Whiteman, 11-months old, is missing from Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Her mom, Mary, violated her probation and was put in jail.  She left her baby with Lawrence Ray Smith, 33.  Although, Lawrence was not the baby’s father, she said he loved the baby as it was his own.

They were last seen on October 1, at the Colony Trailer Park on Virginia Beach Blvd., where the baby, Mary and Lawrence lived.

Lawrence and Janyiha went missing just before Mary was released from jail on Tuesday, according to  Lawrence had been checking in with Mary’s family and then just stopped.  Lawrence is wanted by police on an unrelated felony charge, and Mary wonders if he even knows she is out of jail.

Janyiha is bi-racial and has blue eyes and brown hair, she is 20-25 pounds and is two feet tall.

Lawrence is black with light skin, green eyes and black hair, 6’2″ tall and 190 pounds.
If you see Janyiha or Lawrence please call the police at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

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