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Lisa Irwin: Man says he saw man carrying baby with no clothes

Mike Thompson told ABC News that he saw a man carrying a baby with nothing but a diaper on, October 4, but he didn’t make the connection between missing Lisa Irwin, and the baby and man he saw, until a week ago.

Mike was about three miles away from the area where missing Lisa Irwin lived on his motorcycle coming home from work, when he saw a man who was between 5’7″ to 5’8″ tall and between 30-40 years old, carrying a baby.  He said it seemed unusual to him, because it was cold outside and the baby had nothing but a diaper on.

There have been other reports about people seeing a man with a baby on their street that night.  A couple that lives a few houses away and a female witness who says she has been interviewed by police four times about what she saw.  She was so bothered by what she saw that day, she reported it to the police. Check out the video below:


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