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Lisa Irwin: Mystery man video and carpet still in parent’s bedroom

I am not sure which one to tell you first, but I will start with this surveillance video.  It shows, and I am not sure who said it was a “man,” the media or the police, wearing white coming out of the woods near a BP gas station, at 2:15 a.m.

Although it is hard to figure out if the person is even a man, I am assuming that the police are judging by the body language or walk that it is a man.

Brad Garret, a former FBI agent said the timeline doesn’t make any sense.  Why would anyone wander a neighborhood with a abducted baby.

True, but if that person was intoxicated or on drugs, they might just do that.  Also, speaking of intoxicated, I am betting that the guy coming out of the woods, probably had just got done peeing.  It’s 2:15 a.m., the bars are closed, he’s probably walking home from a bar, and he walks into the woods to take a pee.

This video could help support the reports by three different people that said they saw a man walking around the area the night that baby Lisa disappeared, particularly the sighting by Mike Thompson who saw a man carrying a baby with only a diaper on, but I don’t think I read anything if the man was wearing white.

Also, surprising is Good Morning America’s video where Cyndy Short, the unpaid attorney for DB and JI, gives a tour of the inside of the house and finds the carpet that the police said the dog hit on was still in the parents bedroom.

“I thought the dog alerted on one side or the other of the bed, but as you notice as you walk around, all the carpeting is intact…that is, it was not cut out to preserve whatever it was that the dog allegedly hit on.  I personally find that surprising,” Short said.

Come to find out that the carpet that was seen taken out of the home when the police did their latest search was not from the parents bedroom, but from the garage, and the police didn’t even take it with them as they ended up leaving it at the home.

And as far as the dumpster fire, this came out a while back and now it is being brought back up again.  Is it possible that Lisa’s clothes were taking off, and thrown into a dumpster and then set on fire?


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