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Devin Frenette: New Hampshire boy missing again

Update:  Devin has been located. He was in a tree about 1/4 mile from home.  He was gone about 5 hours.  Social workers have been brought in to talk to Devin.

Devin Frenette, 9, who went missing from his home in Hampstead, New Hampshire has taken off again.  This will be the fourth time that he has runaway. A neighbor says they saw him in the woods, but he ran away when she called his name.

Although I know I am treading on a tricky subject, I think that for the boy’s sake, he should be wearing a gps child locator on his wrist.

The last time Devin went missing, police, fish and game and firefighters including volunteers went searching for him through the night and they were not able to find him.   Devin was found safe on Tuesday evening underneath the bed of a neighbors house.  If he had a GPS locator on him, he would have been found right away

As I talked about in my October 2 post, a GPS locator/tracker is different than a GPS for your car.  A GPS Tracker or locator will let others know where you are because it sends out a tracking signal showing your location.

Devin, has some delayed development issues, and may be a candidate for one of the GPS locator’s and I hope the family considers getting one for him.  He would be safer and his mom would know right away when he has gone farther from his home than he should.

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