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Florence Dumontet: Missing 82-year old traveling to Seattle Found

Florence Dumontet, Missing Seattle

UPDATE 7/6/15 – The Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office told the Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office that hikers found a prosthetic knee in the area of lookout point, along Interstate 90 in Idaho, reports Inforum news.  Authorities searched the area and also found a black truck that belongs to Florence about 500 yards from the road.  Further investigation reveled the serial number matched the one belonging to Florence.

A source has informed me that her truck went over a bluff and she has been found.

On Monday the Washington Times stated that where Florence’s truck was found was a straight drop-off from the highway and it took 1,700 feet of cable to pull the vehicle up and out.

Florence’s prosthetic knee was found away from the truck but her other remains were found close to the truck.   Authorities theorize that she was ejected from the pickup when it accidentally left the road.  The road conditions were icy at the time, reports the Washington Times.

UPDATE Oct. 3, 2012 – North Dakota investigators say that Josh Johnson, a clerk at Muralt’s Travel Plaza in Missoula, told them that he was “100-percent sure” it was Dumontet he tried to help last October when she had problems with her pickup, reports KBZK news.

“Johnson, the Muralt’s clerk, said he remembered her asking him to look at her truck.

‘I offered to take a look to see what I can see. It was a new truck – all computers, didn’t know nothing about it,” he said.’ Dumontet was directed to Bitterroot Ford, but she never showed up there.”

Johnson also saw a Native American woman with Dumontet.

“I see ladies come in here, they’re just all real buddy-buddy with each other throughout the whole store – they [Dumontet and the woman] were kind of standoff-ish a little bit.”

UPDATE:  July 13, 2012

New information has come out about missing Florence.  Florence was apparently seen at the  Muralt’s Travel Plaza in Missoula the morning of the day she was supposed arrive in the Seattle area, according to North Dakota law enforcement officers.  She was identified by the manager and he said she was there around 10 a.m. on October 17 and she was with another woman.

Sgt. Dan Hillebrand of the Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Department described that woman as thin, Native American, between 40 and 50 years old, and of medium height.

“It doesn’t match the description of anybody Florence Dumontet would have known,” he told KFYR-TV of Bismarck. “If we can locate her, we can ask her where she (Florence) was last seen,” he said.

The updated information is the first break in months.  The only sighting of Dumontet after she left her home was on video surveillance from a gas station in Butte at 9:22 the night she left. Sgt. Dan Hillebrand of the Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Dept. said that Florence got as far as Butte, Montana.  They have a video of Florence at the Town Pump in Butte, and at a gas station in Forsyth, Montana.

The Montana Highway Patrol has been alerted and are looking for her.  If you know of anyone in Montana, let them know to keep a look out for Florence, she is driving her black Lincoln Mark LT pickup with her poodle Peaches.

Idaho’s I-90 Corridor License Plate Reader program showed Florence’s truck never traversed that highway in October.

Previous story:

Florence Dumontet is missing.  She is from North Dakota and was taking her annual cross country drive to visit her family when she disappeared.

Florence was last seen on October 16.  She was at a Simonson’s putting gas into her Lincoln Mark LT pickup in Grand Forks.

Sgt. Dan Hillebrand of the Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Dept. said that Florence got as far as Butte, Montana.  They have a video of Florence at the Town Pump in Butte, and at a gas station in Forsyth, Montana.

Her son, Donald Dumontet says she does the trip every year and visit friends in Seattle, her grandchildren and then comes to see him before going to her second house in Arizona.

There have been sightings of Florence at a gas station in Bismark on October 16, at the MVP Conoco Service Station on Exit 157 on Interstate 94 last Sunday.

Florence is driving a 2008 black Lincoln Mark LT crew-cap pickup with North Dakota license plate HWY089.  The pickup is unusual and would be easy to recognize.  See photo for a vehicle that looks like Florence’s.

If you see Florence, please call the sheriff’s department at 701-780-8280.

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