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Florence Dumontet: Search continues Found

UPDATE:  Hikers found a leg bone with a titanium prosthetic knee and reported it to the police.  The authorities also located the pickup truck belonging to Florence. On the prosthetic, was a serial number that was traced to one belonging to Dumontet from a surgery she had in 2010. Shoshone County Undersheriff Rod Plank said the prosthetic and pickup were found in a heavily wooded ravine called “Lookout Pass,” which is located less than a mile west of the Idaho-Montana border along Interstate 90.  The truck had gone down a cliff.  Her death was determined to be accidental.

New information has come in about missing Florence Dumontet.

Sgt. Dan Hillebrand of the Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Dept. said that Florence got as far as Butte, Montana.  They have a video of Florence at the Town Pump in Butte, and at a gas station in Forsyth, Montana.

The Montana Highway Patrol has been alerted and are looking for her.  If you know of anyone in Montana, let them know to keep a look out for Florence, she is driving her black Lincoln Mark LT pickup with her poodle Peaches.

Click here  for more information about Florence.

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