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Lisa Irwin: Family takes a rest

Lisa’s parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin had planned a news conference yesterday and it has been called off.  In fact, the family has said they will be taking a rest.

“The last few weeks have been exhausting to everyone working on behalf of the Irwin family, it has exhausted Lisa’s parents and her friends and family, therefore, the consensus is we all need a set, until next week all media, therefore all appointments in Kansas City today and tomorrow are being postponed until next week,” said attorney Cynthia Short.

Also, late last night Steve Young of the Kansas City police dept. said that the interview of Lisa’s brothers that was planned for Friday has been called off by the parents and their attorney.

The boys, ages six and eight had been interviewed by the police when Lisa first disappeared and police were planning to bring in a trained social worker to talk to them some more and to collect DNA.

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