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Sharon West: Remains of missing teen may have been found

UPDATE:  On January 18th, the police have comfirmed that the remains found in October are of Sharon West. 

A man discovered a skull in a field near HWY 365 on Friday, and police believe it may be missing Sharon West, 15.

Sharon West, 15, went missing July 30.  She was living with friend in the Labelle-Fannett area of Texas and was last heard of when she called a friend and told them she was in a field on FM365 near Labelle Road, around 2:00 a.m.. 

After an extensive search by the authorities, they were not able to find her, and considered her endangered.

“Some bones have been found in the area.  They found a skull and additional searching by our investigators turned up more bones.  They’re scattered.  We also found a couple of pieces of clothing.  We suspect that it’s Sharon West, but we’re not far enough along to say for sure.  The bones are consistent with a younger person of her age,” said Sheriff Mitch Woods.

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