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Jasmen Gonzalez: Missing child may have been sleepwalking

What started out as a case of a sleepwalking child, may be turning into an abduction.

Jasmen Gonzalez, 10, from Oklahoma City was staying at a relatives home on the 1300 block of Walnut Street in  Carrollton, Texas, when she was discovered missing on Sunday morning.    She went to bed around 11:45 p.m., Saturday night.

I have not found anything that says that Jasmen was known to sleepwalk in the past, but authorities were concerned that Jasmen might have wandered out of the house and may be lost, as she was unfamiliar with the area and she did not have her glasses.

Volunteers are searching for her and police are now talking to neighbors and have even taken some to the police station for questioning.  A truck has been towed away, and the police have also stopped cars coming and going from the neighborhood.

Jasmen is 4’3″ tall, 90 pounds, with long brown hair, brown eyes with a small mole on her upper lip.  She was wearing a dark tank top and pants and no shoes or socks.

If you have any information please call 972-466-3333.

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