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Lisa Irwin: Family moves out of grandparent’s house

Cyndy Short is no longer working with the family.  She has confirmed this, but won’t say what caused it.  The Kansas City Star says she was fired.   Deborah Bradley (DB) was asked by Kansas City Star about it and she said that was the first she heard of it.   Cyndy was brought on last week and was working for free, but evidently had a disagreement with Tacopina or was fired.  I suppose if you are volunteering to work for someone I am not sure if you can be fired.

Tina Porter, whose own children went missing in 2004, came to the home around 8:00 p.m., to offer her help, but she was turned away.  She returned again and knocked on the door, but was turned away, again.  Shortly after talking with the media, and speaking her mind (see paragraph below) she left.   The police showed, shortly after Porter left and were evidently called by someone inside the grandparent’s home.  Since Porter had left, they asked the media what happened, and the media shared what they knew.

Before Tina left, thought, she told the media that she was told at the door if she wanted to talk to DB or JI, to talk to the attorney first.

“When this is all over and said and done, and whatever happens with Lisa, if they expect the community to wrap their arms around them, I think they got another thing coming,” said Porter.  Sounds like sour grapes coming from Tina.  In fact, she seemed a little shocked and peeved, that she was even turned away.

Around 10:00 p.m., Wild Bill Stanton showed up like a knight in shining armor and gathered everyone up that was in the grandparent’s house and loaded them up a mini van.  They all left in a convoy and headed to an unknown destination.  Stanton nor family were answering questions.

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