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Karen Johnson Swift: Missing mom from Tennessee

Update:  Karen’s remains have been found. Please click here to read. 

Karen Johnson Swift, 44, a mother of four children, was last seen at home on Willie Johnson Road in Dyersburg, Tennessee on Sunday.

Karen’s husband, who she was in a process of getting a divorce from, said he talked to Karen on Saturday evening and then went to bed.

The car that Karen drives, a 2004 white Nissan Murano was found on Millsfield Highway near Harness Road with a flat tire.

A team of dogs have been brought in to search for Karen.

Karen is 5’5″ tall, 138 pounds, blonde hair and green eyes.

I looked at the map and it shows that Dyersburg is about 90 miles from Darden, Tennessee, where Holly Bobo was last seen in April.  You would travel on the 412 to go from Dyersburg to Darden.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Karen, please call the Dyer County Sheriff’s Office at 731-285-2802.  Click here for updated post.

One thought on “Karen Johnson Swift: Missing mom from Tennessee”

  1. Folks, if you are serious about transparency and a change of 'business as usual' and the antiquated 'Silence Strategy', by the TBI, which has created the 'Silent Epidemic of missing/murdered persons cold cases in TN'.

    Then please continue to share this Petition by Karen Bobo; Mother of Holly Bobo TN 04/13/2011

    There are currently 1,400 signatures and it will go viral. Contact all MSM; local & national facebook pages and post the link;

    Please Share & vote’ TIA..

    Petition Background
    My daughter, Holly Bobo, was abducted on 4-13-11. After two years the case is still unsolved. There are other families in West Tennessee that have experienced the same tragedy for longer. Now is the time to push for a new approach and fresh eyes to achieve resolution for all these families. Please sign this petition to support the creation of a special task force. The new team will be comprised of qualified professionals who can re-examine and investigate these open missing persons cases.

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