Lawrence “Corkey” Millsap: Body found

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Lawrence “Corkey” Millsap, 60, from, Arcata, Calif., who has not been seen since October 22, was located on Saturday.  His body was found inside his jeep, 250 feet down a straight cliff about 3 miles west of Willow Creek.

A man called in a tip and said that he saw the bumper of Corkey’s car near the side of the road.  Corkey’s vehicle was located not far from the bumper.

Corkey’s daughter, Delana Swanson, believes that her dad may have fallen asleep at the wheel or swerved to avoid something.

Roxy, Corkey’s dog, was found and she was alive.

“She was alive and had a whole bunch of ticks.  She went eight days sitting and protecting my dad’s truck,” said Delana.

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