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Lisa Irwin: Mom and Dad talk about firing Cyndy Short

Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin have released statements to ABCNews that they fired their local attorney, Cyndy Short after she let the media into their home on Lister Avenue and gave them a tour. Here is their statement below that probably was not actually written by them, but for them, and then assumingly approved by them before submitted to the press.

“After hearing there was a press conference and listening to Mrs. Short’s statement, we are further convinced that we made the correct decision,” said DB and JI in their written statement to the ABC. “One of the reasons we relieved (notice they do not use the word fired) Mrs. Short was because she was holding her own press conferences, making statements to the media, and giving tours of the home that we were finding out about after the fact.”


In other words, they could not control Cyndy.

Cyndy said a few days ago she was no longer working with the family because Joe Tacopina and her were handing the case differently.  (I believe this to mean that Joe and her had a falling out over the media tour, and probably realized he had no control over her either.)

In spite of their falling out, Cyndy believes that someone did come into the home and take baby Lisa and was sad she was no long working with the family.

“However, we still care very much about them and will continue to be available to them, even if we are not allowed to see them or talk to them.”

Wow!  It sounds as though Cyndy is looking for forgiveness and trying to get a message back to DB&JI, so they will let her back into the hub.

Sorry, Cyndy, DB&JI don’t seem much like the forgiving type.  You evidently crossed the line by opening their house up for the world to see and not asking permission first, (which I am sure you didn’t do, because you knew from the get-go it would have been a resounding NO) even if your tour brought up questions about the carpet the dog allegedly “hit” on.  Your out, Cyndy.  Time to move on.

Click here if you would like to see the video of Cyndy Short in the house and talking about the carpet and the dog hit.

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