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Patricia Patti Krieger: Son receives ransom note a year later

When I first starting writing up this story it was about a ranson note that missing Patricia “Patti” Krieger’s son received.  Then I watch a video, where you see Larry Pressley, Patti’s boyfriend removing all of her belongings from her house, only 8 days after she went missing, and wondered why.  As Alan pointed out, they should have been on the mountain looking for Patti instead of removing her belongings from her home.

But, Deputy Hendrickson does not believe there is any foul play in Patti’s disappearance. “If there was any evidence of foul play, we would have seen it,” said Hendrickson.

Patti Krieger, 65,  was last seen hiking with friends on Sauk Mountain in Washington on October 2, 2010.  The friends she was hiking with said that she decided to go down another trail with her dog, Bear, than her friends were taking and Patty was never seen again.   Bear was found 26 days later wondering on Sauk Mountain Road between milepost 3 and 4.  

Last Sunday he received a ransom email that said for $250,000 he could be reunited with his mother.

The email that Alan Patterson, Patti’s email received said, “Patty is alive” on the subject line.  Then the contents read:

“Patty is alive though seem depressed lately and need you to decide her fate by picking any of these below options,” the email began. “OPTION A: Do you miss her more than you would miss your hardly earned $250,000 if yes,making available the money within the next 12 hours will have you reunited together well alive. OPTION B: You can forward this email to the Police/Fbi to continue their fruitless investigations and be rest assured that you shall meet again in hell.”

The email ends with offering to mail him his mother’s finger to prove she was alive and being held hostage.

Alan corresponded with the alleged kidnapper a few more times and turned the information over to the FBI.  He grew to the conclusion that it was a scam, after seeing his mom referred to as a him, and the emails were originating from Ghana, and the email requested $25,000 up front before they would send a video of his mother.

“Frankly, I wouldn’t do anything without approval of sheriff’s office and FBI.  It’s their ballgame, I have to trust in the fact that these people are well trained and they know what they are doing,” said Alan.

Alan will continue to search for his mom, as he has continued to do since she went missing, because, as Alan said, “…she’d be looking for me.  She would never stop.”
You can go to Patti Krueger’s website to see lots more about her case.

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