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Sky Metalwala: Audio recordings of visitation fight surface


Audio recordings of two court appointed visitations between Solomon Metalwala and his children that were allegedly recorded by Julia, the mother of missing Sky, in 2010, have been posted on her blog.

In the October 28, audio recording, you can here the child saying, “I am not going.”  And a man’s voice saying, “You need to let go of her.”  And then later a woman’s voice saying, “Do you want to go to daddy’s house?” and the child cries, “No.”  And then the woman says that the crying is because “You” took her away for 7 months and she thinks she will not see her mom again.

Later on you can hear a woman’s voice saying the little girl also saw the incident when her mother was hit.

In the November 4, audio recording, you can hear what appears to be a facilitator helping with a crying child which I would assume to be a visitation with the father.

At one point you hear a conversation were a man is talking to a woman and the man says, “If Sue does not bring Maile here in the car, I will call the police. It is my time with the kids, so let Julia know 100% that if Sue does not bring the kids or bring them to me, I will go get the police.

Report are that Solomon is cooperating with the police and he has not seen the children since January.

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