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Dalene Carlson: Man accused of killing her, beat up by cousin

Dalene Carlson

Jason Gilley, the man accused of killing Dalene Carlson, has been beaten up by Carlson’s cousin on Tuesday night.

Dalene’s decomposing body was found in a cornfield last month

Joseph Baker, Dalene’s cousin is in the San Joaquin jail for assault charges, and when he saw Gilley being brought into his cell block, he walked up to him and began beating him.  Gilley did not fight back.

Jason’s mother, Debbie Cook says he was removed from protective custody and put in general population on Tuesday.

Law enforcement knew that Baker was Carlson’s cousin as a family member informed them.  Law enforcement have only said there was an incident that morning, but not who was involved.

“I’m very upset my son was assaulted when he should be somewhere where he is protected at this point,” said Cook.

Sorry, Debbie, I am willing to bet the rest of us don’t care.

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  1. to bad daleen didn't have protection from your son what makes you think he deserves protection he should be beaten daily HELLO he raped an innocent young. he,s as crazy as the rest of your family

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