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Missing Lisa Irwin: Private Investigator interviews former roommate

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Private Investigator Ron Rugen was back to digging for the truth on what happened to missing baby Lisa Irwin from Kansas City yesterday.  He has interviewed the former roommate of Megan Wright and has posted it on his blog.

Megan Wright is the woman that owned the cell phone that received a 50-second call from one of baby Lisa’s parent’s cell phone.

This individual that Ron talked to wishes to stay anonymous and I get these requests all the time.  This does not mean that the source is unreliable, it means they do not want the media attention or to be known by the person they are talking about.  Can’t blame them for that.

Ron says on his blog that, ” Kelly confirmed Megan’s story that she left her phone upstairs that evening while most of the household was downstairs.  Kelly says Dane went to get the phone throughout the evening, used it, then returning it upstairs.  Later in the evening, Megan went to get her phone and noticed someone had deleted the call logs.  Irritated, she cussed and threw her phone on the couch and went back downstairs.  Kelly says Dane again retrieved the phone and used it.”

And who is Dane?  He is Dane Greathouse that I mentioned on my previous post that was staying at the same house that Megan Wright was staying at.

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