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Sky Metalwala: Ransom note surfaces

Julia Metalwala

A ransom note was sent to a Facebook page devoted to the search for Sky on Thursday that demanded $25,000 for the boy’s safe return.

In the email it said they would cut off  Sky’s fingers if the money was not sent.

The note reads:

“You can forward this email to the police as a new lead to the on-going investigation but the truth is that they are never going to be successful not even in  a thousand years.

Your child is alive but suffering from shock and mentally unstable.  If you sure you want your child back alive then you must make available the sum of US$25,000 or this offer will be off & (in the ransom note it actually shows a different symbol than what I am using for the “and” sign.  The symbol looks like a backwards 3 with a vertical line going through the middle horizontal line of the three)  your of re-uniting will be sure dead for life.
I must warn you that if this note goes to public/police or you make any demand for a proof & (same symbol again) thereby failing to wire the money via western union money transfer within the next 24 hrs, we will have you’re the fingers cut off one by one till it breeds to death.  The Watcher”

Because I cannot find the above symbol on my keyboard and don’t find it listed as a symbol on U.S. keyboards, I have determined that the symbol probably was typed on a computer that originates overseas.   Also, we never put US in front of our numbers which also leads me to believe that the ransom note originates overseas.Just a few weeks back, I posted about the son of Patti Krieger (read here) who received a similar email ransom note a year after his mother went missing, asking for $250,000 and offering to mail him his mother’s finger to prove she was alive and being held hostage.

The note written to Patty’s son reads:

“Patty is alive though seem depressed lately and need you to decide her fate by picking any of these below options,” the email began. “OPTION A: Do you miss her more than you would miss your hardly earned $250,000 if yes,making available the money within the next 12 hours will have you reunited together well alive. OPTION B: You can forward this email to the Police/Fbi to continue their fruitless investigations and be rest assured that you shall meet again in hell.”

The email ends with offering to mail him his mother’s finger to prove she was alive and being held hostage, and signed by “the Keeper”.

I do not believe the note is real and my thought is that this is probably a copycat event, and the writer got their inspiration from the Krieger story a few weeks back.  I don’t believe the person that wrote the note for the Krieger event is the same person that wrote the note for the Sky case.

Maj. Mike Johnson was asked about the note and he said he knew nothing about it and if the “investigators don’t have it, we’d like to.”

As of Friday night, Sky’s father has gone back in for another lie detector test, as the first one was undetermined, largely because the man had not slept and was worried sick about his child.  The police said he couldn’t even spell his name.  And Sky’s mother,  Julia Biryukova, is hiding out somewhere at a hotel while authorities search for her son.

“She know there is no reason to be at her house waiting for the baby because her baby is gone, gone, gone…Her OCD is so severe, it tells me she is not taking her medication…she scrubbed her child out, just like she scrubbed a germ out of the carpet,”  Bethany Marshall, a psychoanalyst said on the Nancy Grace show on Friday.

Many people keep asking why the mother would leave a two-year old alone in a car, although she did it once before that authorities were aware of, I don’t believe she did it this time.   I believe when she walked off with her daughter in tow to get gas, that Sky wasn’t even in the car at the time.

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