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Ron Rugen gives video tour of key locations in Baby Lisa case

Ron Rugen

On Thursday, I told you about Megan Wright the young woman that received a 50-second phone call from one of the cell phones that Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin had.  Click here to read the story.

While writing that up, there was no real clear picture of where Megan Wright was at in proximity to where the Baby Lisa Irwin’s home was located, but Ron Rugen, a Kansas City Private Investigator has remedied that by posting a video showing you the location.

Ron’s video shows you the geography of where three key locations are at that have been highlighted by the media; the home of Baby Lisa, the site of where the dumpster fire was and the BP gas station where a surveillance video recorded a person coming from out of the woods, across the street from the gas station.

Ron takes you along with him as he drives with the video camera, showing you the  home of Baby Lisa on North Lister and the Brando home next door to it.  (Samantha Brando was on the front porch with Deborah Bradley that fateful night.)  Ron then heads to North Lister and North Chelsea Drive and then turns right, one street up to the location of the apartment complex where a dumpster fire was,

Ron explains it all and you can get a fresh point of view on this whole case by watching the video.  You can see it by clicking here. Click here to view the video. 
Thanks, Ron!
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