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CNN Spellman and PI Rugen clear up rumors surrounding baby Lisa Irwin case

Jim Spellman

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On Sunday night, have two guests on their radio show, CNN Jim Spellman and Kansas City Private Investigator Ron Rugen, to talk about the missing Lisa Irwin case.

There have been lots of questions that have come up about the case from people that have been following the case from the very beginning.  Many are rumors and the group that was listening in on the show, were glad to be able to ask if the rumors were true and to get confirmation on other things that have been brought up.

One of the first questions was about Deborah failing the polygraph test.  CNN Jim Spellman said that Deborah was told that by the police, but to keep in mind the police are under no obligation to say the truth.

Ron Rugen

“She said they told her she failed a polygraph test.  Now, you have to determine if what the police told her were true,” said Spellman.

Question: Was Lisa taken by somebody else?

“Everything was different that night than any other night.  There is a lot that suggests that,” Spellman said.

Question:  There is a rumor going around there is a custody fight for the boys.

“One of the boys is Deborah’s with a man who is a soldier…the other boy is Jeremy’s and the potential custody battle is with the mother of Jeremy’s son… I don’t know why she doesn’t have custody or partial custody.  A news station, who has been right on, said they do not plan on filing papers but she does want to see him (her son) more,” said Spellman

Ron Rugen even had a question for Spellman and he said he has driven the area in last few days and there has been talk about the wooden area where the BP camera was, of someone who came out of the woods.  “I want to see if you think it has anything to do with the case?” said Rugen.

“The way the camera is framed it looks wooded, but actually it is wide open and there are street lights…you can clearly see there is a wood line and an open spot, but of all the three events that is the least to be gathered from that,” said Spellman.

Question:  Do you find the sighting credible?

“I found the first sighting to be very credible and consistent and walking at night it adds up,” said Spellman.

Rugen brought up that there was an area behind One-Eyed Jack Saloon where Jersey liked to go down to smoke and hang out and he wondered if the authorities have searched that area.

Question:  Is the rumor that Megan’s number was written on Deborah’s hand true? (Megan Wright is the woman that received the 50-second phone call from a phone owned by DB and JI, the night that baby Lisa went missing.)

“Megan said they told her that Deborah had Megan’s phone number written on her hand.  Once again, remember, the police don’t have to tell the truth, so we don’t know if they were trying to put pressure on her or what,” said Spellman.  “Cyndy (Short) asked Deborah about it and Deborah said, ‘no, she didn’t have the number written on her hand.'”

Question:  What does Jim know about the dumpster fire?

“Witnesses who saw the fire describe flame shooting up 5 feet above the dumpster…this was a very hot fire and the paint on the outside of the dumpster was oxidized…the dumpster sat there for about 2 weeks before it was removed…(the dumpster is about 2 minutes away from Lisa’s house.)”

Question:  What are DB and JI’s family dynamics.

“Speaking to people, the immediate neighbors, and everyone I could get a read on that would have first hand information, I am left with an impression of an average family. ”

Question:  What about the missing cell phones and different times on the phone calls?

“Deborah has said the phones did not work.  David Netz, her father, said he gave her one of his cell phones that was working.  What Megan has told me consistently, that the phone call came in between 8- and 8:30.  The new local attorney said there was another  phone event, one before midnight and another at 3:00 a.m., to access the voice mail and the internet.  I don’t know what to make of it all.  I am fairly certain that the council will not lie about that,” said Spellman.

Question: Does Megan’s house look like a drug house or a flop house.

“I have been in that house 7 times.  I never was announced, because Megan does not have a phone…the first time I showed up after a three day search, the folks in the house were not particularly welcoming.  I kinda think they thought I was a cop, but I did end up interview her that night , from that point on, I went there fairly often and I have to tell you and I have been around this a lot, but I never saw drugs, nor guns…my take on it, they are a lot of people that don’t have a lot of money or a lot of plans.  I found everyone to be in that home to be accommodating and they all answered my questions pretty straight forwardly,” said Spellman.

“I met the owner of the house and they invited me to come in to give me kind of bearing where everyone was in the house that night and it is a bunch of people that are trying to get back on their feet.  I think Megan Wright has zero involvement in this,” said Rugen.

“I agree, I totally agree with that.  She is taking questions on Facebook and I have never seen anyone involved with a criminal investigation take questions on Facebook before,” said Spellman.

Question:  How did Megan post Facebook on 1:36 a.m. the night that Lisa went missing.

“Around 11:30 she (Megan) got her phone back and the history was cleared and then around 3:00 a.m. didn’t have it, and went to a Waffle House to wait for her welfare money to come in.  She said the phone was in the possession of Dane.  He had moved into the house a week before,” said Spellman.

Question:  Who is Dane?

“One of the roommates I talked to, saw Dane using Megan’s phone, I am told that this person went to bed, couldn’t sleep well, and got up a few times through the night and saw Dane crouched in the corner in the living room…I am not convinced for sure that Dane has any tie in, you have got to remember that Jersey and Megan broke up and it could have been somebody trying to reach Jersey, ” said Rugen.

Question: What do you think happened to baby Lisa?

“I fine tune it all the time…I thought that it may be an ‘oh, crap moment’ and there was an accident,  and I spoke to someone that is convinced that it was a kidnapping,” said Rugen.

Question:  Did Deborah give her brother a duffel bag?

I was told by a source, that participated in some of the searches…that her brother,  Phil had been spotted picking up a duffle bag from Deborah…I asked the police and their response is, you are the third person has asked me about that, and they were not concerned with it,” said Rugen

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