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Lisa Irwin: Source knows who had Megan Wright’s phone

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Ron Rugen

Private Investigator Ron Rugen told me that he and his anonymous source did an interview with Fox4KC yesterday.  The interview is about the infamous 50-second phone call that went to Megan Wright from one of DB and JI’s cell phones.

During the interview, the anonymous man told Fox 4 news, what Ron already knew, that Dane was the one that was using Megan Wright’s phone that night.

“He was the only one that had the phone that night, no one else used the phone that night, it was in his possession the whole night,” He says Dane was acting secretive and edgy that night .  The man wants to stay anonymous because he says Dane is known to be involved with gun, drugs and trouble.

He said that he doesn’t think that Dane would harm a child, but he would assist in a cover up.

I talked with Ron Rugen and he said,

“There are two things we don’t know, did the call ever get through or did it go to Verizon.  And just because Dane was using the phone he may not have been the intended recipient,” said Rugen.

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