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Steven Marchi: Missing musicians truck located

UPDATE 2012:  The police have stated that Steven’s skull and a piece of vertebrae at a Gainesville, Texas campsite belong to Steven.   The police do not suspect foul play.  I do think it is odd that he would tell his friend he would be right back and decides to drive to Texas, and set up a campsite.  At the campsite was personal belongings of Steven’s.  Steven’s truck was found at Walmart in Gainesville, TX.  The campsite was located about 5 miles from where Steven’s remains were found.

The truck of missing musician, Steven Marchi has been found in a Texas impound lot.  It was towed from a Walmart parking lot in Gainesville, Texas.

Steven Marchi, 43, a locally known musician in Atlanta has been missing since August 12.  He was last seen leaving his townhouse that he shared with a roommate, Jeffrey Powell.  Steve told is roommate that he would be back, but he never returned.  He left his cell phone and his most prized possession, his guitar, behind.

Mike and Erin Mauzy received a notice from the lot in Gainesville, Texas notifying them they a green 1999 Dodge Ram truck  had been impounded the month before.  It had been picked up from a Walmart parking lot.  Although the truck belong to Steven, he put down the Mauzy’s address so that any important documents would be received by them, as Steven moved around a lot because of his musical career.

The Texas authorities are working with the impound company to have the vehicle released to them.

If you have any information about Steven, please call 770-724-7710.

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